Brute Box
Brute Box is a traffic box art installation comprised of colorful architectural collages which reimagine the brutalist icons of Southwest Washington D.C. Located at the busy intersection of 7th ST and Maryland Ave, Brute Box reframes how we see these buildings: using color as a means to accentuate the rich textures and bold geometries which popularized this style of modernism in the 1950's and beyond.
Created through a playful colorizing of original photography, this project builds on a years long project aimed at reimaging brutalism with color. A large aim of my work is to bring more color into the built environment, and this is one step towards doing so on a much larger scale.
Thank you to the Southwest Business Improvement District (SWBID) for making this work possible.

Hubert H. Humphrey Building (1977) Architect - Marcel Breuer

Hirshhorn Museum (1969) Architect - Gordon Bunshaft

Robert C. Weaver (1965) Architect - Marcel Breuer, Herbert Beckhard

L'Enfant Station (1976) Architect - Harry Weese

DC Metro (1976) Architect - Harry Weese